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Clario SmartWorklist

The Best Worklist is the One
You Don’t Need to Look At.

Achieve Worklist Perfection with Clario SmartWorklist

  • Multiple-viewer support to integrate disparate medical image repositories
  • AI-enabled SmartWorklist can be augmented with meaningful data through a vendor-neutral interface
  • The assignment engine is driven by real-time variables such as availability, subspecialty, workload, location and more
  • Unify complex workflows as one
InteleOne XE - Cross-Enterprise Imaging

Less Work. More Flow.

InteleOne® XE takes enterprise workflow orchestration to an entirely new level. By providing seamless integration between enterprise-wide disparate systems, and taking away time-consuming manual interventions, such as study assignment, InteleOne XE orchestrates order management, automates enterprise workflows and accelerates diagnostic performance.

  • Order and Image Management
  • Workflow Automation
  • AI-Powered Diagnostic Acceleration

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